Susan Woodard Watercolors


Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions I am often asked. If you have a question not listed here, please don't hesitate to email me at:


Q: What type of photo should I submit for my painting?

A: A photo that is taken on the eye level of the subject and is taken in strong morning or evening light is best, but I can work with photos of all types. Email me at with the photo or photos that you are considering and I can let you know how it will work for a painting. Beach photos are often wonderful for my work. The photo below is an example of ideal lighting and perspesctive for my paintings:

Q: How long does it take to get my painting?

A: Fine art requires time. Turnaround time for a piece of Susan Woodard art is four months. I paint 400 pieces a year and have a queue of at least 80 pieces almost at all times. The industry standard for delivery timing of a commissioned piece of art can be as long as two years or more.

Q: Can I get my painting in less time?

A: Yes, for the especially urgent project, clients are more than welcome to rush their painting in 7 - 10 days if you pay the rush fee (Small Paintings: $225. Medium Paintings: $300. Large Paintings: $385).

Q: Is there a shipping charge?

A: Nope. All orders ship for FREE!! 

Q: What is a "Print" and how is it different from a "Custom Watercolor?"

A: A Custom Watercolor is painted by Susan. To create a Print, we take a high resolution scan of Susan's original watercolor which is then sent to an art print specialist. The final version is printed on 140lb cotton archival watercolor paper and given a hand-deckled edge.

Q: How long do college prints take to arrive?

A: Prints ship USPS in 7-10 work-days from the date the order is placed.

Q: Is it okay if my child is making a funny face or blinking?

A: Yes, but it is preferred that the subject’s mouth be closed.

Q: Do you ever paint the faces of people?

A: No, my paintings are impressionistic sketch portraits, not formal portraits. The emphasis is on spirit, gesture, personality, and the expressiveness of the brushwork. One solution is to select a photo that has been taken from an angle that doesn't show the face. For example: a child facing the ocean with their back towards the camera.

Q: Can you make a painting from several different photos?

A: Yes. I often do this for separate groups of grandchildren which have been combined into one painting from multiple photographs (as a gift for the grandparents, for example). Photos just need to be scaled with a yardstick. Contact me for more instructions.

Q: What clothes or colors should be worn ?

A: Clothes that have special meaning or mark a special day are a good idea, but there are no garments that can’t be painted. The only solid colors that are not good are peach and orange.

Q: Can I mail in a hardcopy of a photo?

A: Yes, if it is digitally backed up. Do not send original old photos from the pre-digital era. Send a color copy.

Q: Can you omit people or parts of a photo?

A: Yes

Q: Do you paint backgrounds?

A: For an additional fee, I can paint in backgrounds. I can also draw in the background for no additional charge. I prefer to not paint backgrounds, they often make the painting look overworked. Please contact me for more information

Q: Do you have gift certificates?

A: Yes! Please contact me for more information.

Q: Are your paintings vertically formatted or horizontally formatted?

A: Most of my paintings are vertically formatted but I can format the painting to your request. Usually seated subjects are horizontally formatted and standing subjects are vertically formatted.

Q: What type of photo is best for a house painting?

A: A photo that is taken of the house with dappled morning or evening sunlight is best. The more sunny patches there are on your house and yard, the greater the range of color and contrast I can capture in your painting.